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Art Elective w/ Ms. Shirk

There are a variety of art electives ongoing at JPEC for the summer 2021 semester

By Adia Yonnick

The art elective at JPEC has many interesting events going on this month. Ms. Shirk is the art teacher here at JPEC. When asked about the current classes she’s teaching, Ms. Shirk responded,

“I currently teach four classes: CP Scientific Illustration, EC Color Theory, EC Personal Symbolism, and EC Art History.”

In Scientific Illustration, students have begun unit 2 on endangered/extinct species. Color Theory students started their analogous species scheme painting (color combinations.) For Personal Symbolism, they are currently in the middle of working on their second project with iconography, working with symbols. And finally, in Art History, students have begun the unit on Ancient Rome Art. This unit includes veristic and key structural architectural monuments. Keep working hard!

An example of a painting done in Color Theory called a Triadic painting. This one was done by Reed Papakonstantinou.

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