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Parent Teacher Conferences

Part of the term has gone, and the time has come for grades to come out of hiding. Unlike other terms, the shorter trimester has only one conference. From the 26th to the 29th, teachers will be available for meeting and discussing grades. Gabbi Crandall says, “It's a way for your parents to know what's happening and how you’re doing in school.” Conveying everything that has happened recently is the focus of these conferences and why everyone should come if possible.

Communication between parents, teachers and students is important for a few reasons. During a regular class, a student isn’t likely to ask the teacher what can be done to boost their grade. However, at a conference the teacher can give reasons for a low grade, and provide solutions. On the other side of the coin, advancements can be suggested for those doing very well. Similarly, behaviour problems can be talked over with all members involved. Starting on the 26th, parent teacher conferences are scheduled and open for attendance. Feel free to stop by and meet with any teacher you want.

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