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Keeping a Good Schedule

Every single student knows that high school is extremely chaotic. Between the school work, the athletics, the relationships, and the drama, we somehow have to find time for food, family time, extra homework, extra curricular activities, and sleep. Now, just think about it. Let’s say you wake up for school at 7:30am, then school starts at 9:00am, and you stay there until 4:25pm. Then, you have be at your softball/baseball game at 5:00pm sharp. You rush to get there on time, and barely make it. The game doesn’t end until 9:00, and you don’t get home until 9:45. How on earth are you supposed to still have time to study, socialize, spend time with your family, eat dinner, and still get 8 hours of sleep?

The expectations that teachers, parents, and sometimes even our own peers put onto us is often too overwhelming. It often doesn’t push us forward, but instead, it stresses us and breaks us down, making the majority of us no longer want to do better in school. What we as students need, is for our loved ones around us to understand that it is hard to work around such a busy, full schedule and to help us do so. We’re only young, foolish children. We need help sometimes, just like adults do, too.

Here are some tips on keeping a good schedule:

  • Don’t do it on your own. You may think you can do it by yourself, but you never know if your parents have something planned that could ruin your entire weeks plans. Consult your parents or guardians first!

  • Put your schoolwork first, always. When you’re 40 years old and married, you’re going to look back thank the high heavens that you studied and got an A on that Algebra test in Mrs. Reed’s class, not that you went out that one night with your friends. Friends won’t earn you a degree, grades will.

  • Learn how to prioritize correctly. Realize what is most important to you, and your future, and give that more time than less important things like watching TV, and hanging out with friends.

  • Make sure to never overlap the times you set! If you make your homework time from 5:30 until 7:30, but video game time 6:30 until 8:00, you’re going to have some issues.

  • Don’t stress! And if you start to struggle, consult somebody who knows what they’re doing for help.

Schedules may seem like no big deal to some people, but without them, they can truly make your whole lifestyle fall apart. Don’t let somebody tell you that a schedule is dumb, or unimportant, it’s all about personal preference. Some people need one, some people don’t. If you do, just follow this article, and once again, do not stress! You got this!

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