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NWEA Testing

This month the College Prep is going to do the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test from the North Western Evaluation Association (NWEA), which is a non-profit group that tests students. Throughout this year they are going to do three of these tests. Theses tests take place in September, February, and June. The reason behind these tests see where students are in reading, language usage, science, and mathematics. The the tests later in the year show how the college prep has grown throughout the year.

Since these tests are adaptive and change based on the skill level of the individual, they specialize in telling how well someone is doing. Thus providing a reason our school uses these tests. When asked if he enjoyed this testing Dylan DeLosSantos replied with, “No I don’t like this tests because they’re long, boring, and take up a lot of time.” I asked around, and the majority of the student population disliked these tests, but who would like to do these lengthy tests? It seems that theses tests are a necessary evil in the lives of College Prep students, and are here to stay.

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