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13 Reasons why? What's Going on?!

---Why is there a book and Netflix series influencing suicide? ---

Hannah Baker is the main character in the currently popular T.V show on Netflix. She’s a teenager that struggles with depression. The ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ book was less explicit than the Netflix series. Madison Richards gives her opinion on the Netflix series.“Thirteen reasons has kind of glorified suicide and bullying.” Many scientist are on the same page as Madison. “Discussion and media portrayals of suicide, even disturbingly inaccurate ones like those shown in "13 Reasons Why," don't ‘give people the idea’ to kill themselves, but may still contribute to a suicide contagion or, somewhat crudely, ‘copycat suicides’ . ” Says Mark Henricks, who works for CNN.

“No. Thirteen reasons why does not portray suicide. It makes people wanna help others with suicidal thoughts.” Says Itzell Chavez. She feels as if “it would make people be more considerate and respectful towards other”. Because you never know who’s suicidal or who has depression. The reason some people think it does not portray suicide is because of how is shows the people around Hannah being affected.

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