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Popular Dances

Dancing is so important because it boosts moods and lets people express their feelings. Over the years dancing has become a bigger part of our society, especially amongst teens and young adults. Popular dances include the “dab” the “milly rock” the “rolex challenge ”, and more. “The dab is definitely a popular dance, I do it a lot” says Noah Ortell. Why are these dances so popular nowadays? Years ago people started to make popular music for people to dance to. People all around the world adapted to new dances. This still continues to this day and will likely continue for a long time to come.

Just as most other fads, certain dance moves go out of style because they are constantly changing.“The whip is dead” says Itzell Chavez. She believes that the once viral dance is now outdated and that people need to stop. “Other races do irrelevant dances and the black cultures are more into popular ones.” adds Kiana Coelho. Black people mostly created these popular dance trends that people do nowadays. We can’t wait to see the new popular dances coming in 2017!

Down below is a link to one of the most relevant dances as of this week, ‘The rolex challenge.’: Link

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