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Our Lady Falcon's First Season

Last Friday on June 2nd, JPEC had it’s very last softball game of its very first season at Concord High School. Positions were Maya Bender as third baseman, Jordyn DuPuis as second basemen, Bianca Fulara rotating as first baseman, third baseman and right fielder, Rosey Gedert as catcher, Keirsten Husted as first baseman, and third baseman, Madison Meyerhofer as an outfielder, Hailey Nelson, Isabel Ostrowski as pitcher, Kathryn Smetana as middle infielder, and Jayda Stephenson as team manager. Other players are Sarah Jones, Keilani Stone, and Haleigh Wood. The JPEC Falcons were coached by Chris Ostrowski and Mr. Schaeffer.

“We’ve had lots of struggles this season; we need a lot more participation. We need more pitchers and catchers. But we've seen so much growth from our players,” said Mr.Schaeffer when I asked him about this past season. He spoke with a very hopeful attitude, and he seemed very proud of his players and all of their accomplishments.

Sadly, our Lady Falcons did not win a game, but this season was definitely one for the books for every single player, and coach. It was filled with laughs, good times, and tons of growth. As a player myself, I can confirm that it was very difficult to say goodbye to all of the girls during our last team meeting after our game on Friday. Hailey Nelson told all of the Lady Falcons how much this season meant to her, and told all of her team mates a heartfelt ‘I love you.’ Even a couple tears were shed.

This softball team definitely struggled this year between having girls drop out of the team, not show up to practice, struggle with eligibility, get injured, and even more. But throughout the entire season, our immense Falcon spirit shone through more than anything else and we kept our heads high no matter what. Also, with the help of our outstanding staff like Doc B, Mr.Llerena, Mrs.Guthrie, Mrs.Nuyda and many more, every girl that was struggling academically, was able to get the help that they needed, and even more. This first year has most definitely made a foundation for all of the oncoming years, and I’m sure that all of the players and coaches are more than proud to say that they were a part of it.

Another very honorable mention is Lily Magon, who was the most improved player of the season. When she first came to us, she was very inexperienced. She had never played a game in her life, and did not know the rules of the game. She was timid, and unsure. She was ready to have fun, but very unsure. But now, she’s very fierce, and always ready to play. She’s much more experienced, she now knows the rules of the game and has earned the title of second base and center fielder because of her quick decision making skills and speed. I have never seen her in the dugout, on the field, or even in the halls without a smile on her face. Even after striking out. For that, Lily Magon has been awarded M.I.P.

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