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Dual Enrollment

One of JPEC’s main draws and most unique system is its dual enrollment system. This allows its early college students, (9-13th grade), to earn their Associate's degree while still taking high school classes and at no cost to the student. Term 3 has officially started for both Jackson College and JPEC, and the Early College students have gone back to having their college classes.

The classes seem to have been helping the students as well. Vianney Medina wants to be dual enrolled “so I can get as many college credits as I can and get a head start.” Students are able to use the college credits however they want, to get some required credits, or to already start shaping the direction of their education towards what they want to do. Nicholas Alcorn said that he wanted college classes “to get the two years done, so that I don’t have to take some required classes so I can further direct my own educational path in the college.”

As the students have different kinds of classes, they have differing opinions about difficulty. Robert Sokoll says, “The college class is way easier than any of my early college classes.” There is almost always more expected of students in the college classes. As Vianney Medina says, “It’s very different than other early college and college prep classes, the environment in the class is a lot more challenging.”

“It depends, if you’re prepared for it, and are willing to do some extra work, you’ll do fine,” Nicholas Alcorn said, “If you can manage your time it will be just as easy as a high school class (...) It’s a great experience.” If you are nervous about beginning a college class, take this advice: prepare, and get ready to do some extra work, and you will be just fine in the class.

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