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Benefits of Achieve 3000

One of the least liked programs at JPEC is undoubtedly Achieve3000. However, it all has a reason. A total of sixteen Achieves are to be completed each term. The completion of these activities is a part of each student’s grade, whether College Prep or Early College. Many students dread doing Achieve3000, as they feel that there is no purpose to Achieve other than torture.

Achieve is a website where a student reads an article, then answers questions.The first thing done at the start of each term is a level set test. The test may raise or lower the student’s lexile score. After an activity, the participant must write a short response, which has its length decided by reader’s score on the activity. Optional activities are a repeat of the first eight questions along with a math problem.

Contrary to the belief of many students there is proven benefit to Achieve. These include almost doubling reading gains. This means that the student becomes increasingly adept at reading quicker and more frequent than expected. Lexile levels, the measure of reading gains, are increased at a faster rate than if the student only reads. In the end, a faithful participant may have a head start on those who skip, giving them an advantage in literature based careers. “Reading is an integral part of the everyday classroom, but more importantly, an integral part of everyday life. Thus, comprehension is the ultimate goal of reading instruction”, says Jodi Sergent, quoting Dr. Morrow & Linda B. Gambrell, two famous literary instructors. Turns out Achieve3000 is actually very beneficial, despite the feelings of some unwilling participants.

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