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Move Over Leprechauns, Here Come The Falcons

The College Prep Student Council held a pancake breakfast on March 17th in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. According to Madison Ostrowski, a member of the College Prep Student Council, the pancake breakfast was made to promote Falcon pride and to raise money for student council! Both of these things were achieved.

Students filled room 165 with lines leading out of the room and down the hallway. Almost everyone in the room wore wacky green outfits, even the pancakes were tinted green! The room was filled with chatter, the sweet smell of syrup and butter and pancakes were devoured. Amanda Bruzynski, a 7th grader, said “the pancakes were fluffy and delicious!” Student Council also earned a lot of money from this celebration, raising over $200 from this fundraiser. Ali Carcamo, a Student Council member, stated “this was a great experience and I finally learned how to cook pancakes!” He stated that they had been working on this fundraiser for a couple of months and to expect more great fundraisers in the near future.

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