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Review of Chilango's Cantina Grill

Recently Chilango’s has been a fad in Jackson. They’ve been opening left and right and have had very large success. So far there is the Mexican Grill, the Burrito Bar, the Broken Egg, and the newest Cantina Grill all under the Chilango’s name. The newest opened just last Friday and I decided to check it out.

Right off the bat, I was impressed by the colorful decor, and they even had a decorative car. Once I was seated I was delightedly surprised to see that in their first few days of being open, they have digital tablet menus, that are easily navigational.

(Photo of Employees by car taken from Facebook page)

Their menu had three sections: drinks, lunch, and dinner. Just a bit of a warning, you can’t order off of the lunch menu when it’s dinner time. They have really fast service when bringing your chips, salsa, and drinks. I always like to get queso dip when I go to mexican restaurants, but I feel like there was too many options; There were three different kinds of cheese dips!

The restaurant is definitely authentic mexican food, so if you’re thinking there is going to be any American food, you’re wrong. There is chicken and fries for children if they’re picky eaters, but the children’s menu is not included on the tablet menu, and there is no written children’s menu at all, so you’ll have to ask your waiter.

I’m not a huge fan of Mexican food, but in comparison to other similar restaurants, the food tasted really good. They have a build-your-own burrito, and a large selection meals.

My overall opinion is a good one, and I would recommend to those who are fans of other Chilango’s. My overall grade would probably be an 9/10, and I might go again to try the lunch menu.

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