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Superintendent Whiston visits JPEC

The State’s Superintendent came to visit JPEC on Wednesday. He went to a variety of classrooms to see JPEC! The administration staff took him all around the campus to show what the school is all about, and our vision as a growing community. He got to meet all the teachers, and see that the school is all connected in the same vision. The school in general talks about “what education can and should be.”

When the tour was finished, Mr. Malmquist and the administration team sat down with him to get his overall impression of the school. Mr. Whiston loved the fact that we use Competency based learning, he believes the school’s overall model. Whiston wants to change the legislation to help students to be able to learn at their own pace.

He wanted to check out our school specifically, due to the fact that we are so unique, we are one of the only schools in the area with the sames beliefs in student education, and lead us to be a role model schools. Whiston wants to try to get other schools to set up like ours.

Whiston was asked by the administration team about what we could do better. Whiston said that we were already breaking into to new ideas, innovations, and practices. He had no idea how we could go any farther. He was blown away by what we have already accomplished.

Whiston was so impressed with our schools, he wants to change standards for other schools. Although other schools can not change their whole curriculum, we definitely gave him an idea of what education can and should be!

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