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Students Set Goals For NWEA Testing

It’s that time of year again, students have to take their Mid-year NWEA testing. This testing will allow the school to see the students’ progression from the beginning of the year until now. To help the student body set their intentions for the test, during focus group students have been setting goals for how well they want to do on the test. Their focus group teachers have been checking in on the goals to make sure they are both realistic, and pushing the student to increase their test score.

The reason many students want to achieve their goals, is because if 80% of the college prep meets the majority of their goals, all of the middle school will have a movie day. The school is hoping the prize will motivate students to try their hardest on the test, and ideally be better prepared for setting goals in their future.

Last year, for the final NWEA test of the year, they did a similar goal setting program and it was successful. Students tried harder than before, and the prize was to have casual clothes for a week. The only difference between the method the school used last year, is that the teachersmade the goals. Although it still worked, students didn’t get to learn how to set goals. This new method is an improved and refined version of last year’s.

Let this be a reminder to students to try their hardest and cheer each other on. Test scores should be taken seriously, and our JPEC students will be rewarded if they try their hardest!

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