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The iPhone 8 Awaits its Destiny

It is no secret that Apple releases a new phone every year. Every year the keynote is always around the end of September. This year we await the iPhone 7s or 8. We might even get both! The “S” model is considered to be a specks or performance upgrades and speed upgrade.

Many leaks or secret information have been released about Apple’s most beloved product and every day there are more! The almost certain leak is that there will be an OLED display. This display is a “power saving display.” With OLED only light is put on the screen where it is needed. This will allow the iPhone to have a “true black” screen. With the screen that we have now the whole screen is lit.

Another secret that has been released to the public is that there will be no home button. The home button will be built right into the screen, like the Google Pixel. This will allow the phone to become more waterproof. What will Apple do with the speaker? This is still to be determined. The multi billion dollar company will have to “wow us.”

Many leaks come true, and for this one I hope it does. It is believed that there will be barely any bezels (or extra space) on the display. The phone will be the same size, but the screen will cover the whole phone. This will make the phone look very sleek. The iPhone is always getting faster and thinner. That is a normal release. This time Apple needs to change the design to keep their sales up!

The final leak that we have been able to find is that Apple will add an “always on display” feature. This display will always be on to display the time. Apple may give you a benefit if you have the 7s or 8. You will have a pen to write on the display. This will allow for you to add a note to your screen when you go to use your phone!

Apple tries to keep tabs on all the products they have. Apple, as a multi billion dollar company, does not want you to see anything about the phone before it is released. You might think they want to surprise you, but NO! This is to keep other companies from stealing their ideas. The founder of Apple, Steve Jobs never worked well with people stealing his ideas.

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