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Student Spotlight: Angela Martinez

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Angela Martinez, is an astonishing eighth grader at JPEC. She is not only bilingual, taking classes above her grade level, in the advanced band, a soccer player, a piano player, a former student council member, and a former dancer and gymnast, but she is also the newest winner of Jackson Crossroads Outstanding Teen. This is a scholarship beauty pageant and even though it was her first time entering, she won the crown, barely meeting the age limit.

“The pageant was a great experience,” says Martinez. When asked if she will continue to do pageants, she says “Yes, because as a title holder, I need to go to Miss Michigan.”

She recommends pageants to others. “Even if you don’t win and actually bring an award home, it will be a great experience, and the other girls competing will be the best friends you could ask for.” Angela didn’t sign up just for the crown; she joined the pageant for the experience and winning was just because of how stellar she truly is.

Many of her other competitors were close to sixteen, so entering at thirteen was astonishing in of itself. In one word, she describes winning her first time entering in the pageant, as “unbelieveable.” Which is truly how this could be described. Angela is going to continue to be a Superb Falcon by being involved with many activities throughout her life! It’s no wonder she deserved this Student Spotlight.

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