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The "Huh" Challenge

Best friends breaking apart, feelings being hurt, public embarrassment, and all because of what? There is this new challenge that has arised on the internet recently. Teens all over the world are breaking tight bonds with their friends. This huge phenomenon is called “The ‘Huh’ Challenge”.

The gist of it is that you record yourself “roasting” (Insulting someone so hard you’re on fire.) someone, typically your peers, and post it to the internet. The only catch is that at the end of the insults, you say “Huh” audibly.

According to a poll taken at JPEC, 1 out of 13 people asked said “Yes” they had heard of the “Huh” Challenge. Thankfully, no one started roasting us!

How Did This Challenge Begin?

The “Huh” challenge originally got attention because Daniel Babar from posted videos on his Twitter of himself roasting people. The challenge got his name because at the end of the videos, he would say “Huh”. People caught onto this, and now people have gone so far as to roast their pets. Can you Imagine yelling at your pet?

How can you avoid The “Huh” Challenge?

There are many possible ways to avoid being caught into the trap. Some of these include: have them promise not to film and roast you, asking them to ‘please stop’, and running away when someone starts saying; “Hey, I’m (name) and I’m (insult)!”. The “Huh” Challenge is straight-up rude.

Why You Should Not Partake In The “Huh” Challenge!

Typically, the “Huh” challenge videos get posted onto the internet. It can ruin a person’s life to cause them to be internet famous – for the wrong reasons. Besides that, it also can permanently ruin your friendship with the person, and you can get in serious trouble. JPEC for one, has a policy against posting pictures/videos of someone without their permission, so it’s not just them who’s suffering.

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