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Freddie Answers Worried Walter

Dear Freddie,

I have a friend that would like to get away from someone else, what do they do? In the past they have just walked away, but the thing with that is that they go back to them and they don’t know if they want that. What should I tell my friend?


Worried Walter


Dear Worried Walter,

If this is someone trying to get out of a relationship, then you encourage them to think about how the other person has treated them in the past whether good or bad. If this is a bad relationship and this person, your friend, knows that this is not a good relationship to be in, then they have to decide for themselves first that they’re going to decide for themselves first that they’re going to get out and second that they stick to that. The second part to that is where friends come in like yourself that can give him or her encouragement to stay out of the relationship. In the event that it is someone who is abusive whether emotionally or physically, then that might mean that person needs to get help from an authority figure. Hope that helps.

Your Friend,

Freddie the Falcon

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