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Freddie Answers Concerned Carol

Dear Freddie,

I have a friend that I care for a lot. This friend acts differently around people. When they’re with me, they act like they do work. When they’re around a different group, they act differently. I’ve talked to them about this and they said they were going to try to fix it, but it hasn’t changed. Could you please help me?


Concerned Carol


Dear Concerned Carol,

Maintaining friendships is very important. It sounds like this friend needs help with sending healthy boundaries. Remind your friend of your talk and tell them they have the ability to separate from these toxic individuals. One thing you can help your friend with, is checking up on him or her. This shouldn’t be in an annoying way, but to keep your friend accountable of how he or she acts around others. Encourage your friend and give them opportunities to act the way they should by by being around them. I hope this helps!

Your friend,

Freddie the Falcon

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